Feature Film "Refuge ΙΙ: the ice path"

The feature film "Refuge II: the ice path" is a thriller by Christos Goussios, Panagiotis Iosifelis & Hristos Nikoleris,
in co-production with PNEVMA PRODUCTIONS.
The film premiered at the 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, in November 2018, winning the AUDIENCE AWARD & the ERT S.A. (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) Award:.

The Refuge... It stands in the heart of the forest for years now. Local people say that there is something dark hidden there. They tell stories. About a strange presence. About strange deaths. They also talk about a movie that was being filmed there, but was never completed because of an accident. Nobody goes near it. That is the reason a gang of robbers use it to hide their loot. They, have also heard the stories. About the presence. Sleeping amongst the trees. And that blood wakes her up. Blood reminds her of her dead children. It makes her angry. The robbers say that these are stories to scare young children. But a group of young people who take shelter in the refuge, when one of them gets injured, know no such stories. The rescue team have told them to stay in the refuge, in order for them to pick them up in the morning. Katerina, one of the two girls of the group, is the only one who senses that something is wrong. Something that moves about in the forest, like a shadow. Around the refuge.....

For more information about the film: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6268202/?ref_=nm_flmg_edt_2