Short Film for a School Contest

 Schools of Apostle Paul

Film Direction, Cinematography/Shooting & Editing of the short film "Pygmalion, la nouvelle histoire". With this short film, the students of French language courses, at the School of "Apostle Paul" in Thessaloniki participated at the annual School Contest of "Francophonie" in 2013.

The short film "Pygmalion, la nouvelle histoire" is inspired by the Greek myth of Pygmalion and deals with the relationship between man and technology and his absolute dependence on it. Through simple symbolic paths, the film ends with a reference at the Pygmalion effect, meaning the positive impact our great expectations bring to those around us, as interpreted through the science of psychology.

The idea, the dialogues, the rehearsals and all the accompanying material of the film, were made exclusively by the students, as part of the French language courses, with the support of their teacher Katerina Vlachopoulou.

The film won the first prize among the High Schools in Northern Greece,
as well as the GRAND PRIX 2013, meaning that the short film
"Pygmalion’s new story" was the best among all the participations
in Greece.The award ceremony was held at the French Institute of Thessaloniki.