TV broadcast – short video for a School Contest

 Schools of Apostle Paul

Film Direction, Cinematography/Shooting & Editing of the short video – TV broadcast "La Grèce nous acceuille, La Grèce nous séduit". With this short video, the students of French language courses, at the School of "Apostle Paul" in Thessaloniki participated at the annual National School Contest of "Francophonie" in 2015.

The competition’s theme was "Invitation to a trip''. Participants were urged to promote thematic trips in Greece, inviting students from French secondary schools to experience the local richness of our country. The trip our students chose to promote through their broadcast “Greece welcomes and fascinates us”, was about the beautiful island of Chios.

The idea, the dialogues, the rehearsals and all the accompanying material of the film, were made exclusively by the students, as part of the French language courses, with the support of their teacher Katerina Vlachopoulou.

The film won the first prize among all the High Schools of Greece
The award ceremony was held at the French Institute of Thessaloniki
on March 21, 2015.